REVIEW: Cas & Dylan

20140222-221507.jpgIn the 1990s the sweet smile of Jason Priestley (aka. Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210) made our hearts melt. Tonight, the actor-turned-director re-enforced our love with the UK premiere of his gentle directorial feature film debut Cas & Dylan.


The film stars Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Cas Pepper and Tatiana Maslany as Dylan Morgan – a couple as different as possible – undertaking a roadtrip from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Vancouver Island in the West. Cas is an aged, widowed surgeon, who, upon being diagnosed with a brain tumor, leaves behind his life in Winnipeg. A series of coincidences – or is it fate? – leads him into the clutch of 20-something-old Dylan Morgan, who overwhelms him with her extraordinary personality. As they struggle their way west, they overcome the obstacles of difference and start to take influence on each other’s destinies.

The adventure of this bittersweet roadmovie stands (and luckily doesn’t fall) with the two characters we follow along in their feisty little Volkswagen Beetle. Cas and Dylan are eccentric, edgy, loveable and fragile – both troubled by their own lugguage and fear of the future. That said, it is the sparking chemistry between Dreyfuss and Maslany that really make this film. Never did being “locked up” in a tiny car together look like more fun and joy; never did an enforced friendship seem so natural.


The story of Cas and Dylan oscillates restlessly between drama and comedy, as complex as real life. Jason Priestley delivered a debut, that makes us laugh and cry, and not at least daydream about the wide roads of Canada. A unique jewel!

Watch the trailer here.


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