TRAILER: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, Martin Scorsese’s newest 3 hour epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker of the early 1990s, will premiere in UK cinemas this Friday, January 17.


Like no other film at the moment, The Wolf of Wall Street has inspired quite some controversial discussions in the run-up of its release. One might be offended by the use of rather strong language or explicit depiction of sexual acts. Who genuinely wants to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party? (I’m aware of spoiling, but, to be fair, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ruined that surprise during their Golden Globes opening monologue first…) The films apparent glorification of a wealthy criminal is criticised even more. And yes, at first glance the “money can buy happiness”-formula seems to be the films obvious message; but if you look closer, and see the art of film as critique from within, could it be that The Wolf of Wall Street is nothing more than a reflection of our current society? Doesn’t money rule the world anyways? How could anyone blame Scorsese for depicting reality.

I was lucky enough to see the film one month before its official UK release, but instead of a review, I’d like to write up a list of warnings – here’s what to expect from THE WOLF OF WALL STREET:

Strong language: The word “fuck” is used over 500 times in 3 hours. You might not want to watch this with your kids or parents. Honestly, I wish I had written this before my friend from New Jersey went to see it with his parents…

Drugs: Cocaine and Ludes are consumed almost constantly. Disturbingly enough, not only from tables or silver plates…

the wolf of wall street

Masturbation: As mentioned above, we get so see Jonah Hill like we never wanted to see Jonah Hill.

Sex: Lots of it. In general, if you are uptight, you will probably not enjoy this film.

Eye-Candy: Leo on Ludes is not necessarily sexy, but never-the-less brilliant. His excellent performance won him a Golden Globe award last Sunday.

Nightmare: Men’s 90ies fashion is unforgiving to anyone, but especially to Jonah Hill. Why did people ever dress like that?!?

the wolf of wall street
Surprise: Is Kanye West’s music cool after all?

Thank God: Matthew McConaughey disappears after about 15 minutes.

Pain: And still, he contributes to the film’s most annoying scene. And yes, I’m referring to the singing scene of the trailer.

Personal struggle: All controversy aside, it would be fantastic to throw parties and travel like all these rich people. If only for a day.

the wolf of wall street

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET hits UK cinemas on January 17, and is an entertaining must-see!

images via IMDB


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